Vandalia, MO Pest Control

A beautiful town in East Central Missouri, Vandalia offers small-town living with friendly neighborhoods, plenty of outdoor adventure, loads of green spaces and a good deal of history. For example, the Lincoln School is on the National Register of Historic Places. The climate is moderate with plenty of warm sun in the summer and a bit of a chill for much of the winter but none of the weather extremes that many other parts of the country experience.

This moderate climate also makes the city prone to pesky insects and other pests, such as rodents, that look for comfortable locations without great temperature fluctuations to make home. Both home and business owners will actively need to pursue ways to get rid of existing pests on their properties and to keep pests away once the area has been treated.

Residential Pest Control

At Guardian Pest Control, our licensed technicians treat a variety of the most common insects and other home pests. Some pests may be making their homes in lawns, landscaping and gardens while others may have found warm or damp places within the home for their nests. In particular, we frequently see pests in basements as well as around foundations. Others are drawn to the humidity of bathrooms or the ready food supply found in kitchens.

We remove these unwanted guests immediately and ensure that we apply preventative treatments in the future to keep them from rediscovering the home. In addition, we choose environmentally friendly treatments that keep homeowners, children, pets and the earth healthy.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses, including office buildings, hotels, restaurants and manufacturing plants, can also be hosts to irksome pests in Vandalia. These pests can get into food supplies, ruin equipment, create unwelcome working environments for employees and even drive away potential customers. To help businesses avoid unwanted embarrassment and disruption of their usual services, we provide treatments after business hours, such as during the evening or overnight. This way, business owners can continue operating as usual, and customer relations will not be interrupted.

Pests We Treat

At Guardian Pest Control, we treat a wide variety of pests commonly seen in Missouri, including the following:

We can also remove rodents and other pests based on one’s needs.

Pest control services are uniquely designed for each environment’s needs so that home and business owners receive individualized services and maintenance plans. Our goal is to provide our customers in this gorgeous area with the best possible services so that they can enjoy pleasant and welcoming homes and businesses. We encourage you to call Guardian Pest Control today to find out about our free service quotes and to set up an appointment time.