Spider Control in Missouri

Three Spiders You Don't Want in Your Home

spiderAccording to folklore, it's good luck to see a spider in your house. That is, unless it's one of these three:

The Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse is a brown spider about the size of a quarter, with a violin-shaped mark on its back. During the day it hides in quiet, cluttered places, emerging at night to hunt. While the Brown Recluse avoids humans, it can deliver a nasty bite if disturbed. Its venom causes tissue damage that can take from six to eight weeks to heal. In some cases, complications lead to scarring or permanent injury. This spider is found throughout the Midwest and is very common in Missouri. Brown Recluse spiders are hard to get rid of using do-it-yourself means.

Wolf Spiders

This dark, hairy spider lives outdoors, where it hunts by pouncing on its prey. It can be over an inch long. Wolf Spiders sometimes enter homes while searching for prey. They are not aggressive, but will bite if handled. It can take up to 10 days for the pain and swelling of a Wolf Spider bite to subside. These spiders are active hunters. If you see a large number of Wolf Spiders in your home, it could mean that another pest is attracting them.

The Black Widow

Like the Brown Recluse, this spider lives in out-of-the-way places. The Black Widow is small and black in color. The female has a red hourglass mark on its abdomen. This spider is extremely venomous and should never be handled. If you suspect Black Widows may be present, call a pest control specialist immediately.

If you find these spiders in your home, contact Guardian Pest Control. Our technicians will locate the intruders and find the best solution to your problem. If spiders are bugging you, call Guardian Pest Control today for a free quote at 866-469-7118!