For every leg in an ant colony and every discarded bed bug exoskeleton on a contaminated mattress, Guardian Pest Control knows a thing or two about fail-proof pest removal. We’ve delivered high-rated, eco-friendly extermination techniques and total customer satisfaction to Missouri’s residential and commercial buildings for years.


Turn to Guardian for:

  • Ant control.

  • Cockroach control.

  • Flea control.

  • Mosquito control.

  • Spider control.

Keeping our customers and their properties safe from harmful—and downright annoying—pests is our top priority. When you have a pest problem, give us a call for a free consultation.

What to Expect With Guardian:

  • Courteous service.

  • 24-hour response time.

  • Accountable and certified pest control technicians.

  • Affordable programs for your pest control needs.

  • Eco-friendly treatments that are lethal to pests and safe for your loved ones.

  • Fast and friendly expert service.

Bed Bug Treatment

Seedy hotels and free curbside couches take the rap for being prime real estate in the beady eyes of bed bugs, but the fact is bed bugs like to pitch camp anywhere sleeping happens. Taking on a bed bug infestation unarmed with the right products makes removing these wildly persistent pests nearly impossible. This is why we provide several bed bug services that wipe out these unwanted intruders with effective heat treatments.

Heat treatments work as an inescapable solution for exterminating bed bugs by raising the temperature in an infested area to an unlivable degree, killing them all within hours. While our heat treatments vary based on your space’s needs and budget, you can rest (in a bug-free bed) assured they all yield the same result: Complete bed bug elimination.

Guardian’s Bed Bug Services:

  • Guardian HEAT – Use of fans and a powerful bed bug heater to heat the infected area, along with a chemical application at bed bug escape routes.

  • Guardian CLEAN HEAT – Use of fans with air filters and a powerful bed bug heater to heat the infected area. A chemical application is applied at bed bug escape routes.

  • Bed Bug Heater Rental – Those on a budget or with small spaces can rent bed bug heaters through us to get the job done.

Don’t burn your mattress, yet! Enlist Guardian’s bed bug services instead. Get a free quote today!

Cockroach Removal

It’s not just that they’re big, quick, and can spit out a terrifying hiss when they feel disturbed. Cockroaches contaminate food, spread disease, and leave waste everywhere, rendering your home a health hazard for both people and pets. Sure you can invite natural predators like spiders and centipedes to do your cockroach removal bidding, but that’s going to yield to another pest control problem (which we can still help with, by the way).

Instead, call us for expert cockroach removal where we show up with the best products and tools to kill off cockroaches and return your home to roach-free status.

How Guardian Does Cockroach Control:

  • Full home inspection by a trained and certified pest control technician who knows exactly where to find these buggers and their secret entryways.

  • Locate infestation

  • Develop a specialized treatment plan for your specific needs and budget.

  • Make those roaches wish they never entered your home.

Call us today for a free inspection!

Ant Control

One or two ants crawling around your windowsill can be eradicated easy enough with store-bought ant spray or a DIY ant extermination solution; but if you catch a trail of ants parading inside your house, it’s likely a colony is living there rent-free. A single colony can have as many as 500,000 ants, making you and your 8-pack of ant traps severely outnumbered.

Luckily, Guardian has top-of-the-line methods that have made us the trusted provider of ant extermination services in all of Missouri. Our ant control treatments eliminate the interior infestation at hand and target openings around your home’s foundation where ants can enter. 


When you bring Guardian to the battlefield, you receive:

  • A full interior and exterior inspection of your home by an ant extermination expert.

  • A pinpoint of where the infestation is taking place so we can treat it at its core.

  • Treatment applications inside and outside your home to ensure complete elimination of the indoor freeloaders while keeping outdoor ants from entering.

Do you have an ant problem? Call for a free service quote today!