Mosquito Control

mosquitoNot only are mosquitoes responsible for those annoying bites that itch for quite awhile, they can also transmit some pretty dangerous diseases. Although you can never avoid mosquitoes completely, using products with DEET when you go out and spraying and misting systems around your home will help minimize your interactions with these annoying pests.

Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite as they actively search for blood from warm-blooded animals while getting ready to lay their eggs. A mosquito uses its proboscis to piece your skin and then injects its saliva to keep your blood from clotting before consuming it. Unless she is killed or disturbed, the mosquito will continue to take your blood until her abdomen is completely full.

Unfortunately, it’s that saliva that creates the itching that causes many of us to dislike these insects so much. The itching lasts until your immune system is finished breaking down the saliva. Annoyingly, scratching that itch is strongly discouraged due to how this act irritates and inflames the area. Scratching can infect the bite as well. Fortunately, various types of lotions and creams can relieve the itching.

However, mosquitoes do also transmit diseases such as malaria and West Nile virus. Although the odds of being infected by one of these serious diseases are small, it is important to note the possibility and avoid mosquitoes as much as possible.

For these reasons, it is essential that you contact Guardian Pest Control as we offer spraying and misting system options that reduce the number of mosquitoes that are adjacent to your home by more than 90 percent. These are set to a timer and go off at regular intervals, usually during the times of day when these insects are most apt to be active and looking for blood.

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