Flea Control

fleaPeople who live with a pest infestation may end up facing health problems that are caused when these pests start to bite. Many homeowners try to save time and money by attempting do-it-yourself pest control methods. Unfortunately, these techniques are not effective when pests have reached infestation levels. Professional extermination is the best way to thoroughly eliminate infestations.

Problems With Fleas

Fleas are very small insects that are a reddish brown in color. While it is possible to spot fleas with the naked eye, their small size makes it easy for them to be missed. Fleas are able to jump great distances. It is common for fleas to hop onto pets when they are outside. These pests are then carried into a home.

The problem with fleas is that they are a parasitic insect. Fleas feed off of the blood of their host. Pets are usually targets for fleas, but the insects may move to people. Flea bites cause itching and swelling. Pets that scratch at flea bites may develop skin disorders, and raw skin that has been scratched continuously has the potential to become infected.

Fleas can spread serious diseases to humans. Some fleas carry a parasite known as tapeworms. These pests can also transmit dangerous illnesses like typhus or plague. People who have an allergic reaction to flea bites will have more pronounced redness and itching when they have been bitten.

Professional Pest Control Services

Living with fleas is no picnic. The fact that fleas find their way into homes by attaching themselves to pets means that even the most diligent homeowner can face a flea infestation. Guardian Pest Control is a Missouri company that is dedicated to providing high-quality services to area residents. Homeowners who are struggling with the itch of living with fleas can contact Guardian to schedule an appointment.

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