Ant Control

antcontrolClose the doors: They're coming in the windows, and that may not be the half of it. Ants can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks. Attracted by sweets, water and grease, they find their sustenance in kitchens, pantries and storerooms all over Missouri, leaving behind a pheromone trail that leads the rest of their relatives straight to the goodies.

Considering that a single colony can contain as many as 500,000 ants, the size of the problem becomes immediately apparent.

The Life Cycle of the Ant

Once a female ant has successfully mated with a male, she becomes a queen, builds a nest and commences laying tiny white eggs that quickly cycle through the larval and pupal stages. In a few short weeks or months, they're all grown up and ready to assume their roles in the ant community.

While fertile female adults spend their lives building nests and laying eggs, the males spend theirs mating with the queens. To the non-fertile females fall the tasks of defending the colony and foraging for food. These are the ants you'll see in your kitchen, feasting on the spoils.

Problems Caused by Ants in MO

In addition to looking unsightly, ants can do serious damage. Fire ants sting. Carpenter ants wreak havoc with building materials. Others, like the commonplace pharaoh and odorous house ants, are known to contaminate food supplies.

Clearing Up the Infestation

While home-grown attempts at ant control may kill the pests that you can see, they rarely have an effect on the rest of the colony. In addition, some species of ant will fail to respond to certain treatments. When an infestation just won't quit, it's time to call in the troops.

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